Transformation: where?

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Transformation: where? We just published a new video in which Tom Haak talks about transformation. In the video Tom talks about four areas that are transforming: 1. The Digital Transformation 2. The Leadership Transformation 3. The Transformation of the Workforce 4. The Impact Transformation   Talking HR Trends with Natal Dank and Tom Haak We have published 42 episodes of ‘Talking HR Trends with Natal & Tom” so far. All the episodes can be found on YouTube. If you prefer podcast, many episodes can also be found on the main podcast channels as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Podcast Guru. All the best in 2022! A good start in 2022 for all the followers of the HR Trend Institute! Thanks for your support in 2021. The post Transformation: where? appeared first on HR Trend Institute.